My Story

From a workaholic, career-oriented woman my life changed when I got married and had my daughter. It was a struggle at first as I battle the stereotypes of being a housewife, the inner battle of me trying to find my identity. It's been a rough first year of transitioning.
At the same time, after experiencing the life of a full-time Mum, I couldn't get myself to go back to the workforce. I didn't know what to do or what to feel about this situation I was on. Until I discovered my passion for technical trading equities and the foreign exchange market.

Suddenly, it was more evident. I got my identity back, the fulfilment that I ben looking for. That's how this blog came to life. It's a documentation of my journey to being a full-time Mum and a part-time Trader. I enjoyed the process of writing and sharing my experience that I decided, I'd write about the other things that I am passionate about.

I am Beverly, I am a full-time Mum, a part-time trader and always a passionista. Thank you for dropping by and may you live a life filled with passion.

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