How to use a Vision Board in 2021

That post that went viral on FB. 1.3K Reactions. 319 Comments. 680 Shares.

When the car that I had in my vision board, show up in our driveway... the best thing? We got it for free.

Do you want to know another beautiful thing about that image below?

Do you see the "Start my own events company" written in a piece of paper?... that too came into a reality.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, I registered an Events and Marketing company in the UK, yet another dream manifested into a reality.

Another dream manifested

The power of the vision board.

You’ve probably heard about using a vision board as a tool for keeping your dreams and goals in mind. But did you know that you can use vision board in many more ways?

Here are a few ways to use your vision board in 2021:

1. Declaring Your Mission. Keep track of why and how you do what you do.

You started what it is that you are doing for a reason—your “why.” But somewhere along the way, many of us lose sight of this why. Having it on your vision board can help keep us on track.

2. Home Plans. Pinterest has a massive digital vision board example on home decors. Visualize how you want your home looks like, the interior design even the color combo you want. Whether you are in the market to buy a home or simply planning to remodel your home.

3. Attracting Your Ideal Business Clients. First rule of marketing your business is having an ideal client, but it can be incredibly difficult to define. Your vision board can help.

Do you want to serve a male or female? Young or old? Parents or single? Have a collection of images that represent your ideal client and make them your inspiration with your work.

4. Dream Vacation. Planning on going somewhere soon? (For when Covid allows!) Pin images of your “must-see” destinations as inspiration to our travel itinerary. 5. Life Goals. Where do you want to be in a few years from now? If you want to live a life of meaning and purpose, it’s a critical question that you must answer. Have it on your vision board to keep you on track.

Vision board is not set in stone, as with everything else, it can change. As you grow, so will your vision board. You want to move places, change career, start a new business. That’s OK.

Keep your vision board updated every time you go through a major life decision.

Your Vision Board will help you achieve clarity in the direction you need to take to achieve your life’s dreams. Do you have a vision board? What do you use it for?

Click here to read about the car on my vision board.

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