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Updated: Jan 9

Trading isn't really my first and only love. Other than Trading, I have something else I am very passionate about (obviously aside from being a Mum!).

Not a day in my life, I used the degree I studied for in college. I choose a different path, and I was already up to the ladder of PR, Events and Marketing industry before I became a "qualified" professional.

Back in 2009, a position in the company I used to work with has opened, I volunteered to do the job, without an increase in pay nor a change in my title. Soon, the position was moved under the Marketing department. I was performing well that I was given the title of PR and Events Specialist officially. I fell in love with my job, I loved what I was doing, I enjoy it so much, even the days when my work would file up, and I would get so tired. I fell in love with it that I decided I would study Marketing and Events Management, I enrolled in a night school. I knew then that I have found my passion, this is what I want to do, this is something that excites me, fuel me to perform better each day.

Some people asked me, why would I endure the long nights of studying, the cost attributed to it (schooling in Dubai isn't cheap!) and all the sacrifice, when I am already working in the industry anyway. I have the position, and I am already getting paid fairly. The company I worked for didn't even require me to study, I did it on my own will. Perhaps, it's the learner in me, maybe it's my passion that motivates me.

I did well at school, I even graduated on top of our class. Shortly after I graduated, I left my job to move to Singapore, I stopped practicing what I spent countless nights studying for. But unlike my previous degree in college, this is something that I use quite a lot. This is something I am still passionate about even after years of not practicing it full time. I get paid generously for it, I've reached a lot of goals, I've been to many places because of the knowledge I have in this field. I have helped businesses, many of them startups, I've helped friends and clients.

Before my love of trading, I was in love with the Marketing industry, especially Events Management. I may have dimmed the light of this torch. But trust me, the fire is still burning, in due time this light would shine brighter, much brighter than before.

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