Where It All Began

Every trader has their own unique story; this is where mine began.

I love it when she just sits on my lap and watch me work.

For years, I worked as a PR and Events Specialist in an investment company. Since I was a young girl, I knew the importance of saving and investment. I am a big advocate for it, and it feels like the stars had aligned when I got a job in a company that sells a product/service that I believe in.

I loved my job, the chaos, the busy schedule, the adrenaline I get, even during the most stressful task. Some will probably say I am a bit of masochist because I enjoyed my job more when there is chaos. I loved the challenge it brings to me. I also loved my boss; I was a fortunate soul, he is just amazing, I give high praises to him that sometimes my then-boyfriend, now husband, use to get so jealous when I talk about him.

In the same company, I first had a more in-depth understanding of stocks, from the moment I heard of it, I read books and studied it. I opened an account with COL Financial. The first stock I bought was on 4th Aug 2014; I bought it at PHP 4.33/share. I sold it at PHP 4.71/share after 70 days of holding. I had no idea what is trading back then. I only bought MEG because during that time I was looking at investing in real estate and heard of the company, found out they were listed so I bought it, what a great strategy (not!). Seven percent in just over two months, that was my very first taste of profit in the stock market, I continued investing but stuck with the names I know like JFC, AC, SM etc.

In late 2015, I spent about a year working as a Social Media Manager while I was travelling around South East Asia and Europe. I loved that job too! I had to stop working eventually and settled in Singapore.

Pregnant and bored, I looked at my portfolio one day and saw it was doing great. I had a Eureka moment. I read about the stock market more and got obsessed with topics in technical trading, I told myself, I can do this! I attended my very first Technical Trading seminar in 2016. But it wasn't enough, I continued buying and selling stocks, not knowing what I was doing, I attended more workshops until my due date came, Fidget was born, and she took most of my time.

New mom, sleep-deprived, wearing clothes covered in poo and vomit, I thought, I needed to do something for me.

I was physically tired, but my brain lacks the well-deserved stimulation I always craved. Being a full-time mom is exhausting but not having other things other than this tiny human being to turn my attention to makes it unbearable. I love my daughter, honestly, with all the fibre of my being, but I know if I want to keep this job of a full-time mom and keep my sanity, I have got to do something that I love.

I thought of going back to work, but I couldn't get myself to submit job applications. I tasted the freedom from the corporate world, no matter how much I loved what I used to do, I couldn't go back. So, as Fidget slept through the night, I opened my portfolio, did my reading again and decided, I want to be a trader, I want to be good at it, I want to be great at it, I know I can. For the days, weeks, and months I was studying, attended another seminar, and stalked successful traders on social media.

I made it my mission to become a full-time mom and at a part-time trader. In trading, I found the balance I needed, the brain stimulation, the chaos, the adrenaline, all that what I used to love in my previous job and that too while I spend the majority of my time with my ever supporting husband and ever so hyperactive daughter.

So, here I am today, trying to win this game of Technical Trading.

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