A Day in Life of a Full Time Mum

When they say being a full time mum is the hardest job in the planet, they weren't joking nor exaggerating, believe me, I am a full time Mum.

Being a full-time mom, I am always exhausted. There are so many things to do all the time, bum to wipe, snoot, vomit, food smudges on furniture upholstery to clean. Because feeding a toddler is like chasing a chimpanzee that just got out of the zoo. They run around, avoiding that dreaded spoon! That is only a few from million things that a mom juggle while keeping a child alive and also teaching them to be a decent human being. I said 'fudge' when I meant to say something else every time I get frustrated because I don't want her first word to be a swear word. True story, her first word was Mama, the second was 'No', brilliant, she now knows how to express her dislike on everything!

My favourite thing is getting her dressed, Jesus Christ! I am not religious, but I pray before every attempt that she will cooperate. It's a complicated life for me, you see, I never swore so much in my life, but at the same time I never prayed as much either, my soul is now confused.

Yesterday was a particularly extra exhausting day. I did a 2-hour intensive yoga session the day before. The one where the instructor pulls your legs behind your ears, ignoring the fact that your hamstring is not made of rubber bands. My entire body was aching, standing up was agony. Imagine standing up and carrying a 10 kg toddler for most of her waking hour while trying to cook lunch or washing up dishes.

My husband is away for work again, so I had to do weekends on my own. That means I only get to sit after her evening bedtime because daytime naps are spent working in the house. Rearranging the toys a hundredth time that day (OCD is a bitch!) and peeing on your own. Ow yeah, going to the bathroom when you're a full-time Mom is never a private thing anymore, you've gotta train your bladder to go when the child is sleeping if you want it to be! It is a non-stop chaos having a toddler, especially having a particularly active toddler like mine, a clue why she's named Fidget in this blog.

It is scary, isn't it? Come on, admit it! You didn't dream of spending your day covered in poo, pee, snot or vomit, holding a toddler on the one hand and a mop in the other, did you? That's the reality though, it is not all flowers and rainbows, far from it. But being an exhausting job it doesn't mean it's no fun or rewarding.

Like every motherhood article, I should probably end this with a positive note. Otherwise, I'll get bash for being a horrible complaining witch and people will say I don't deserve to raise a child, so, gotta go with the norm!

Kidding aside, this was an accurate account of what happened last night. Got her dressed for bedtime (achievement, yay!), she was in her cute pink pyjama with bunnies printed on them, we were in bed in her bedroom. I was reading her favourite bedtime story 'Three Little Pigs', after the story, I asked her if she loves Mommy, I am not sure she understands it entirely, but she said 'hmm' and nod, I asked her for a kiss, but instead of the usual one kiss, she gave me lots of kisses, she kissed me loads, muwah muwah muwah, so many kisses, and then hugged me, rested her head on my chest, she's ready for her bedtime. I asked her if I should sing her 'You're my sunshine', her favourite bedtime song, she nodded, so I did while I rocked her slowly, as I finish the song she pointed at her crib, I lay her down, she turned to her side, I said "I love you and goodnight" she gave me a flying a kiss and closed her eyes. Heaven.

It definitely is an exhausting affair being a full-time Mom, but it is also the most rewarding, seeing her grow up to this sassy little girl, getting those kisses, wanting you as if your hug can fix everything in the world, no one else could make her feel better but you, you matter to her, you matter so much she cries when you step out of the door without her, because she worries you will never return, it is an incredible feeling being wanted, being loved, being important to someone, don't we all crave that?

She loves me with all her innocence. I could never ask for anything else. That for me is worth every exhausting day as a full-time Mom.

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