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Being a fulltime trader doesn't mean you should only depend on your trading income. Lalo na kung bago ka pa lang, having another source of income will help you incredibly. Kasi you won't get pressured to earn which means you can focus more on honing your process.

For over a decade, I have been working in Marketing industry, 7 years in Social Media Marketing, the last 4 years I have been doing it as a freelancer. I even got in a stock Trading Masterclass through a deal, I helped them set up and managed their social media pages during our course. I even found my mentor in Forex through this skill, his business is now paying me a decent amount for consulting as a content creator.

Recently, I have been approached by a friend who is a friend of a friend (daming friends lol) that I helped out by advising on her social media marketing before. Now, I have 7 students in Social Media Branding and Marketing. Last night was our first session, I really enjoyed the creativity behind branding and marketing, I love practising it. But I never thought I will also enjoy teaching it and because I have the skills and knowledge and the experiece, it all came off naturally to me. I kinda enjoy teaching them and it's lovely to know that they enjoyed our session although nahirapan daw sila sa assignment. 😂

So, why am I sharing this? You, as a trader have another skill, those that give you income even before you start trading. Use that. Find a way that those skills can work for you, have another source of income para hindi ka laging pressured, buti ngayon may mga ceiling play eh paano pag wala at hirap makahanap ng set up like the past few weeks? And paano if you have a losing streak? Will you and your family be able to survive if you don't profit in a month, in 2 months?

For fulltime Moms, freelancing as a social media manager or content writer is something you can do on the side if you have the skill, and as we all know skills can be learned naman.

If you want financial freedom, you cannot just depend on one income source. I always say this; there are so many opportunities out there, all you need to do is grab it.

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